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    With the publication of her first novel, Frida Anbar fulfills a childhood dream to write a best-seller


    Frida Anbar, an international relations specialist, at the University of Montreal, represented the university at a conference on Higher Education held recently in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The goal of this conference was  to build bridges of communication at the intellectual and educational level between the various universities around the world. Attended  by over 500 universities and colleges, Frida also managed to add a little Lebanese flavor and flare to the conference by her presence ! She was born in Lebanon but now lives and works in Canada. She is the author of two books: Aleas and Le Cordon Invisible

    Frida was born in Beirut and in her novels she tries to mix the civilizations and traditions of her homeland with the particular circumstances that drive so many Lebanese, like herself, to emigrate. She presents, in her novels, Lebanese traditions and norms  which she shares with her fellow Lebanese  who are forced to leave their country and emigrate. Her books have received positive reviews by  critics and readers alike.

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